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The best security provider in Bangladesh

We are the bearer of the world famous brand RAK in Bangladesh on behalf of our mother business venture, RAK Ceramics (BD) Ltd. There are many other RAK branded businesses in Bangladesh operating since long before. We RAK Security and Services privet Ltd are committed to put up the best of our ability and efforts to uphold the prestige and image of RAK. In the field of security and services we are operating with quality and dedication whereby clients are found happy and satisfied. The contents and the other aspects which are given here are really a brief introduction of our company regarding operation and administration which produces the ultimate result of satisfaction. However, we are at the time to serve the community and eventually the nation. Security and safety services as someone will receive from us will obviously get a different satisfaction. There is scope for our clients to compare our efforts at the point of quality and sincere mental makeup. At this point of time we are confident that no doubt one will find we are the most eligible and dependable team that can fulfil your security and safety requirements and keep you secured and well operational everyday.

RAK Security and Services privet Ltd looks forward to manoeuvre and operate the following Security and Services for the clients:

Our popular services

  1. Guard Services (Premises and Office Security).
  2. Body Guards (VIP, CIP and Personal Security).
  3. High Rise Building Security.
  4. Cash Carrying.
  5. Security Survey, Threat Assessment.
  6. Security Design, Assignments and Employment.
  7. Internal and External Security of Garage, Parking
  8.  Electronic Surveillances and Security including search and sweep.
  9. Event Security.

our services 

1.Maintenance service

2. Specialized service

3.manpower service

4.security service

5.verification service

6.other service


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